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Painting exterior brick areas is a great way to change the look and feel of your home without doing a major remodel or costing a great deal. A home with a lot of brick can easily look dark or uninteresting. Adding some paint can make the design and features of the house really stand out and look great. Whether it is on the side of the house, a decorative pillar, a fence, or any other brick feature, take a closer look at using paint to dress things up.

The majority of people who choose to paint exterior brick walls will choose a lighter color, such as white or other light shades. The look is very clean and fresh and makes the home look almost new again. Before you start painting your bricks, there are a few things you need to do first. Surface preparation is always important when painting and is especially important for painting brick.

Painting Exterior Brick

If the brick area is new, you should let it age for at least a year before painting. This allows any ore in the brick to leech out. If you don’t wait, then the leeching will discolor the paint. When you are ready, you should pressure wash the areas thoroughly and allow it to dry for three to four days. Remember that brick is a porous material so it will hold extra moisture even when it appears dry to the touch. It is for this reason that you need to allow extra time to ensure that the brick is completely dry.

Once the brick work is clean and dry you can go ahead and apply the primer coat. There are several kinds of primer paints designed especially for brick and other masonry materials, so read the manufacturer’s recommendations and choose the one that best matches your circumstances. After the primer is completely dry you can apply a top coat of paint in the color of your choice. It is a great idea to apply two coats of top coat to get the best sealing of the brick and the best looking color. Choose the highest quality 100% acrylic latex paint you can find so that the paint will last longer and not need repainting as often. With just a few simple steps, painting exterior brick is a terrific way for homeowners to update the look of their home.

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