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You love your brick fencing for the privacy, but looking at it gets kind of bland. You can fix that if you turn the blank brick face into an exciting exterior mural. It’s a big job, for sure, but it’s one that can brighten any yard, alleyway or side of the house, turning the mundane into the artistic.


Things You’ll Need:

  • Hose and rags Paint scraper or sandpaper (optional) Masonry or brick primer Paint roller Exterior paint Brushes (optional) Chalk
  1. 1 Clean the wall. Hose off any dust, debris and caked-on gunk that may be stuck to your wall. Use a paint scraper or sandpaper for anything that is really stuck. Rinse well and allow to dry.
  1. 2 Apply primer. Get masonry or brick primer from the local home or hardware store. Starting at one top corner of the brick wall, coat the wall with an even, rolling motion.
  1. 3 Draw your outline. The primer will be a little sticky once it’s ready for the paint, but it will still allow you to draw a rough draft of your design, if desired. Use a piece of chalk or pastel to draw an outline of your mural.
  1. 4 Fill it in. Once your rough draft is up, all you need to do is follow the lines with exterior paint. You can use exterior spray paint that sticks to brick or, if using brushes, opt for exterior masonry paint that was specially formulated to stick to brick.

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